Gregory Grissett

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Gregory Grissett

From his LinkedIn profile:

Mr. Grissett helps medical device innovators protect their innovations, minimize IP related risk, enforce and defend against all forms of IP assertions. Mr. Grissett does this primarily through patent preparation and procurement, post-grant proceedings, patent litigation, and various types of patent analysis. In addition, Mr. Grissett routinely advises companies on technology transactions through drafting and negotiating joint development agreements, software development and service agreements, copyright infringement, and licenses for all forms of IP.

Mr. Grissett has significant experience in global patent portfolio development and management with particular expertise in European and Chinese patent law systems. Mr. Grissett also maintain an active practice in design patents.

Mr. Grissett’s technical and patent experience includes:

Medical Devices – cardiovascular devices, orthopedics (ACL repair and reconstruction), catheters, heart valves, collagen implants, biologics, stents, sutures & suture deployment instruments, robotics, embedded IoT medical devices, SaMD (software as a medical device), diagnostic systems

Material Science — smart textiles, textile-sensor integration, wearables, composites, nonwovens fabrics, melt extrusion, polymer spinning, paper formation, and paper machine belting

Oil & Gas — MWD tools, LWD tools, mud-pulse telemetry, pulsers, rotary steerable tools, electromagnetic telemetry systems, signal processing, sensor and software integration, communications systems

Software/Electrical — gaming applications, app development, augmented reality systems, virtual reality systems, machine learning, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), visual light communication systems