3rd Targeted Protein Degradation Europe Summit

London, UK

Overcome Preclinical and Translational Hurdles Towards Safe and Effective Clinical Development Through Optimizing Compounds In Vitro and Vivo, Advancing Safety Profiles and Revolutionising Degrader Design

8th International Conference on Primary Healthcare & Management

Zurich, Switzerland

The organizing Committee for Primary Healthcare 2022 takes immense pleasure to welcome attendees from around the globe to attend the “8th International Conference on Primary Healthcare and Management” Scheduled during May 08-09, 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland which includes inciting keynote, oral, poster presentation & exhibitions.

LUPUS And KCR 2023

Coex, Seoul

LUPUS And KCR 2023 will be held in Seoul, Korea from May 17th to 20th, 2023, co-hosted by Korean Society of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Research (KSSR) and the Korean College of Rheumatology (KCR).

International Conference on Neuroscience and Neurology

Tokyo, Japan

Neuroscience Congress 2023 is to improve the research and development activities in Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychology for learners and practitioners at all levels and to promote scientific knowledge.